Get Your Camera On

Get Your Camera On

It doesn’t matter what camera you have, or if you only have a camera phone take those photos.

Benbri House Documentary Photography, lifestyle photography, get your camera on
Benbri House Get Your Camera On

Life can come at you fast sometimes. This past month and week have hit hard with loved ones passing. Please document your kids, family and friends. Camera, phones doesn’t matter just snap. Also get in the frame yourself. These photographs will mean the most at the hardest of times.

I have realized all the photographs I missed because I felt awkward taking out my camera. That is no longer allowed to be an excuse. Those moments are more important than a moment of awkwardness.

Those moments I didn’t capture because the house isn’t tidy. I am not going to care when I need those memories the most and that mess is a part of the story that I am sure more often than not others will relate to. If you love what is happening in that moment that is what is important.

Thoughts that I have had that have made me miss a shot are on the back burner. The shots do not need to be award winning or perfect. While I love photography and I want to be great at it I need to realize some shots, especially in the moment may not be perfect and as long as I capture the moment it is okay.

Sometimes I feel that I spend more time trying to take photos than being in the moment. That will always be a battle, but over time I know and have seen that their is a balance for me and I will continue to work on it. This is something we all can strive and find our balance so that we can be present and capture the moment.

Benbri House Documentary Photography, lifestyle photography, get your camera on
Benbri House Get Your Camera On

As the picture taker in the family I am not in many photographs. That is something I plan on changing this year. I have a tripod and a remote shutter or I can use my Iphone with a timer leaning against a book. The kids do not care if I am made up or not they care that I am with them and that is what I want in a captured moment. Real life and real emotion.

Real life and emotion is one reason why I love documentary photography, see this post or this. There are a growing number of photographers like me who want to capture your everyday. Your morning routines, bedtime routines, traditions anything that is important to you. I try to document our Saturday mornings during the summer as that is an important tradition for me and something I wan my family and I to remember and look back on.

On Facebook and Instagram there are many  people to follow to help you on your journey to capturing your everyday. Here is a list of some I follow (for more check out my Instagram.)
Fearless and Framed: website, instagram, facebook
My Captured Life: website, instagram, facebook
Ginger Unzueta: website, instagram, facebook
Finding the Light, Erin Hensley: website, instagram, facebook

Hashtags are also a great way to get inspired and to share your work. I am starting #GetYourCamera as well as #capturejoy. There are others already in use #documentyoureveryday #documentyourdays and many more, but please use them as I would love to see your work.

If you have anything to add, thoughts or comments please share below! Getting my camera on to capture joy is something very important to me and I hope to inspire others to not be afraid to get your camera on and capture those moments.


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