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Simple Sunday // Oh, Julia Child

I hope that our memories will be filled great people, great chats, laughter, and of course great food.

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       If you ever stayed at my house you would know that 1. I love to host, 2. I love to cook, 3. I love Julie&Julia. So I wonder why it took me so long, I am talking years, to read My Life In France, by Julia Child with Alex Prud’homme. My husband went and picked it up from the library and I haven’t gotten far, but I know I want my own copy! The way they talk about having friends and family over Julia’s house, laughing and chatting over a meal makes me want to work harder at cultivating that life, cooking and creating experiences. I want memories of us chatting, drinking wine while the food cooks and fills the house with amazing smells that make it so hard to wait to eat. Also,  I want the time spent in the kitchen and the meals to be everyone’s favorite time of day.

Benbri House: Here's to the Weekend
Another part of the book that speaks to me is when Julia is talking about Paul’s letter-writing and doodles. It makes me want to send many handwritten letters. Just think of all the memories saved on those handwritten letters tucked away until one day they are pulled out by a grandchild and read. All those past thoughts, feelings, moments come back to life the moment they are read. There isn’t a feeling like it. I mean almost everyone hopes to stumble upon old letters and, let’s face it, no one will care to stumble upon emails. It isn’t the same, even in the slightest. Also, in those letters from Paul, were photos of their life and adventures. I think, those photos bring the same emotions as finding old letters. I want to start printing out my photos, not letting them sit and collect digital dust. On the back I will put the date and a little knowledge about what is going on in the photo.
The way Julia brings up these memories makes you feel like you were there. They are vivid and detailed. Reading her words makes you happy and you come to see that it is about the quality of life you live through the people you surround yourself with and the food you eat; about being positive and not about spending or even money in general, but using what you have and being happy with it. Its about taking what you have and creating memories.
I will say, I love that in Julia’s time a lot of what they had was handmade. People learned their trade over years and when you realize that, those handmade items hold much more meaning.

I need to bring back the idea of being proud in the things we make or buy and make sure to enjoy life; from the people in it to our surroundings. Our time should be spent in laughter, great company, learning, and great food.

This book is having a big impact on me. Have you ever had a book that did that to you?


Happy Weekend!

Benbri House Happy Weekend


The week started out with a few sickies, but they went away after a day or two. As you may have read in my previous post, I am pregnant and am trying to not overwhelm myself. I am taking things slowly, relaxing more and have realized that I need to focus less on the house (which tends to overwhelm me and fry my brain) and focus on creating memories.
For the last few days I start my morning pretty early (for me anything before 830 is early), I got the girls dressed, tidied the three main rooms (kitchen, living room and bathroom) and then played with the girls, read a bit, and the other day finally took photos to post about being pregnant. The other day I also did a mock school time with Dottie while Kitty slept. I’m not sure I will home school, but I want to teach and spend more one on one time with her. It went over pretty well and was only a short thing, maybe 15-30 minutes. This will be added to our new routine, maybe three times a week. 

Benbri House Happy Weekend

For the weekend

I three rooms that I want and need to clean. Hopefully 2/3 will be done, but I am not pressuring myself // Bake a dessert // Bake bread // Project with Dottie // Tidy the patio // Go on a walk or two // Start planning for Easter // Read a book // Write // Meal Plan // Take photos

I hope you had a good week and have a great weekend! Let me know what your plans are!

Benbri House Happy Weekend


Benbri House Surprise

I know you can not tell in the photo, but I am pregnant! We are very excited for our newest addition to make a presence in September.Benbri House Surprise

So far, it has not been easy. This time around  I have felt sicker, been losing weight, more scared about loosing the baby, and migraines. All of that seems to be easing and hopefully will continue so I can get back into routines.


 Benbri House Surprise

Here’s to the Weekend!

Benbri House: Here's to the Weekend


It was a few busy couple of weeks. We had two birthdays last week and this past week was a recovery from visitors and sickness. Things now are calming down and other than a child throwing up twice this morning and one having trouble sleeping the last couple of nights, it wasn’t a bad week.

This weekend is going to be
doing some tidying, as always // hopefully bread making, but right now it is raining, but looks like nothing but sun tomorrow and Sunday // working on a special project for Dottie and me // meal plan, because well I haven’t been :( // catch up on some blogs // read a book // write a bit // dream of Spring and plan things to do // get tea time back

What are your plans for the weekend? Any great articles to read?



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