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Bread Baking and My Goals for the Week

Baking Bread and Goals for the Week

There is nothing better than freshly baked homemade bread!

Slowly I have gone back to bread making. It is coming on the heels of getting back  my drive of simple, quality and homemade living.

When I first got married I tried it and well the bread was never good thought I sort of kept up with it since. Okay, so it was when I actually felt brave (not very often) I went for it and tried a bread recipe only to be met with flat bread and then I’d quit until next time. This next time happened at Easter and I tried the No Knead Crusty Mini Artisan Rolls from The Comfort of Cooking. It turned our great, though to be honest I didn’t divide the recipe and baked it whole. Since then I have been baking.
You could say April has been my bread baking month since I have also started to try other recipes and have yet to quit. In fact I have been baking the bread for the house since Easter and it is slowly becoming a habit, thought I have yet to settle on a baking day.
In the mean time, I would love to know some of your favorite bread recipes to try. Also, how do you store your homemade bread? Right now I use clear wrap and my covered cake stand.

Benbri House

Goals for the Week:

Cooking/Meal Planning:

1. Bake more sandwich bread

2. Make this weeks meal plan and do the shopping

3. Introduce more salads into the diet

4. Make more Iced Tea



1. Finish Spring cleaning. Go room to room declutter, getting rid of items to sell and donate or trash, then reorganize and tidy.

2. Declutter linen closet.



1. Pick up around the yard.

2. Start pulling weeds and unwanted plants.

3. Plant some bulbs I have already.

4. Plan the vegetable garden.



1. Write 1 or 2 more posts for the week

2. Take lots of photos.

Note to self: Never for get to take photos!

Benbri House

Easter weekend was a busy one for us, but it was a good weekend. There was chatting, playing and of course cooking. I had wanted to take photo of me prepping dinner and setting it out, but well we wanted to eat, so other than the two photos posted, I have nothing to share. Safe to say I have learned my lesson and will take the time to take photos. Better planning is a new goal.

On Saturday, before dinner I set out some pepperoni, cheeses, gherkins, and fresh-baked bread (which I hope to share later this week.) For dinner we had ham cooked with pineapple and cherries with a pineapple brown sugar glaze. The sides we mashed sweet potatoes, butter and brown sugar roasted carrots and steamed broccoli. It was good! The dessert was a yummy cheese cake which had a very butter crust because I stink at doubling a recipe.

Then for Sunday dinner, we had a roasted leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary pesto. On the side we had balsamic brussels sprouts and spinach. We also had more fresh-baked bread.

So the meals were simple, but very flavorful and satisfying. It was nice to have some special meals, which in my goals for the week below you will see that one of my goals is to get creative with leftovers.

Benbri House This week goals

Get creative with leftovers (lamb stew, gyros, split pea soup made with ham bone leftover) // Work on DA’s project // Extra school time with DA // Keep up with early mornings // Maintain morning tidying routine // Re-arrange girls room // Sort through my clothes and discard the unwanted (for a garage sale) // Finish reading My Life in France // Keep up meal planning // Clear backyard // Start garden planning

What are your goals for the week?



He Is Risen!

He is risen indeed! Alleluia!


Happy Easter!


Always take a notebook to church and take notes.

I love to plan, make dinners, and write lists. Actually, I just like to write. It took one conversation with an older church lady to realize how simpler it could all be, and how much easier her knowledge would make things for me in the future, if I were to write and plan.

Benbri House Always take a notebook to church and take notes.

Always have a pen and notepad in your purse and little to the ladies in church.

Over the years, on and off, (but mostly on) I keep a little notebook/pad in my purse. I like to jot down random facts, ideas, thoughts etc. It helps me to remember things, keep my thoughts in order, and, well, I actually just like to write. On occasion I have the compulsion to write, not anything important, just random things or to do lists. Oh how I love lists! Anyway, I rarely take my purse to church and therefore do not bring my notebook. In the end, I usually find some scrap of paper to write something interesting (which usually gets tossed :( .) I’m not just talking about hymns or bible verses that spark a train of thought, but I write down the interesting things that the older ladies in the church say. Let’s face it some of the best stories, ideas, and just plain common sense comes from those ladies. All those years of experience, insights, and again, common sense just given freely and rarely taken to heart or written. How have I and others gone for years without actually listening to these ladies?

One such time that I needed my notebook, happened while talking about planning a church dinner. Mrs. Arlene had a very well used, yellow notepad full of notes and a timeline! This had come from the lady before who also had the practice to write out the plans for a dinner and not just church dinners. They have notebooks full of plans for holidays and a number of events. Both for the church and at home. When she told me this I had an “AH-HA” moment. All those lists I made of to-dos for family dinners that were lost and really didn’t give any details were such a waste. Especially since I always forget what we did the year before. Now I have a way to organize and keep, memories and traditions, alive!

Benbri House Always take a notebook to church and take notes.

Having a party, hosting, eterain etc. notebook is a great way to remmebr how you planned things the year before and help keep memories and traditions alive.

All this time, a simple solution escaped me and it took this one brief conversation to find it and when I did I had to grab a scrap piece of paper! Luckily, even with the scrap paper thrown away, I remembered. Now for Easter weekend and Easter itself, I have a game plan all spelled out. The time line for when to put things in the oven (something I have been working on over the years is knowing when to start cooking each part of the dinner), what needs be done before and after those meals, and I have written the actual meal down.

That was just one time I have needed that notebook, so now I make sure to bring my purse and my little black notebook. So always have a pen and pad ready and listen. Ask questions to those church ladies. They know a thing or two. Actually, they know a ton!



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