Life Lately

Things around Benbri House have been crazy. Mostly sickness and snow, lots and lots of snow! So I have been distracted and have neglected my little spot on the web. I am truly sorry for that and miss blogging so much.

Right now things are slowly getting back into a routine and as things fall back into place I hope to be posting more! Especially since I have a few blog  posts that I have been wanting to do! That and I really need to get a photography of me so you know the person behind the blog.

Until that photography is taken here is the view of snow from my window.

Wake me when it is Spring!


Benbri House: Snow much snow!

Benbri House: Snow much snow!


Being Sick Is No Fun!

I know I posted and made it seem like I’d be back, but well the cold decided it wasn’t done. Today however I am feeling better than I have. Hopefully this DOES mean the cold is going away. Seriously, I never thought I’d get sick or be sick this long.
Here is hoping for a better week!
Local wedding photographers
Image courtesy of: SnapKnot – Local Wedding Photographers

A Short Break



First Dottie was sick, then she past it to Kitty and now I have it. So I am taking a break from blogging. After all it is family first, friends second and home third. Blogging falls low on that list.
I am hoping to be back next week!